1.   I see mounds of dirt in my yard...what are they?

      If the mounds are pushed up through the ground surface 

      and are volcano-shaped, you most likely have a mole  problem.

      (Refer to blog on how to tell if you have moles).

2.   Will moles kill my lawn, plants?

       No, but they make an unsightly mess. Moles that live in the

       Northwest, contrary to what you may hear, do not eat roots or

       plants. However, their digging can uproot plants.

3.    How can I control moles in my lawn and flowerbeds?

       Trapping them is the most effective control methodaccording

        to the Dept of Fish and Wildlife.  Home remedies, baits, sonic   

        devices, poison worms work temporarily and then the moles

        come back.

4.   Why does my lawn look like a mine field?

       Moles live to eat. The mounds you see are the mole pushing dirt    

       out of his /her way searching for food.  A lot of mounds means

       your yard has an overly abundant food supply. It doesn't mean

       there is one mole per mound. It also means you have a very active

       mole or possibly two working in your yard.

5.   Will sonic devices or mole bait eradicate my mole problem?

       Not likely but it will deter them for awhile. If you live near a

       greenspace, wetland, lake or river, chances are the mole problem

       will persist.  Moles live where it's damp and dark.  Once a

       tunnel has been created it can be re-used by several different

       mole families.

6.   How do I get rid of moles in my lawn / yard / flower bed?

      Call a professional trap setter who knows how to read mole activity

      and has experience finding the most active runs. Professionals

     can't predict HOW or WHEN a mole will dig, but they are more

      knowlegeable than the homeowner about  a mole's digging pattern   

      because they've had more experience.








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