​​​​​​Products for Mole Control

   Baar Castor Oil:  liquid ---  Check Baar website for where to           purchase

    Liquid Fence:   liquid ---  available at Coastal stores
Mole Max:  granular application ---  Available  on line

          from Ace Hardware and 7-Dees in LO (Check internet                for other places to purchase.)
     Grub-Ex :  granular ---   available at Home Depot


Additional  Websites to  Visit:
Managing Wildlife Damage: Moles | VCE Publications | Virginia Tech 1, 2009 - Henderson, F. R. 1994. Moles. Pages D-51 to D58

Moles – Wildlife Conflicts

Moles - SC DNR by M Bunch - ‎Related articles
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** Audubon Society of Portland:
** Oregon Dept Fish & Wildlife:
** OSU Extension Service:

"Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest"

        by Russell Link
   “Mole Control” by Washington State Trapper’s

        Association with Fred Lawrence

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